ROBIN is a messaging application featuring "AI". CP (Chat Point) will be awarded if you use message transmission / reception more than 1.5 times a day. CP can be exchanged for GBT (Green Box Token), it can be used with the content provided by Green Box World, and it can be exchanged for crypto currency.



·Free voice call

·Free video call

·Translation function (55 languages)

·Message to disappear (secret chat) function.

Free Member Registration

Step 1


Install ROBIN app.


Tap the QR code to link.


ROBIN Chat SNS - App install
Api.Robin QR code - ROBIN app install

Step 2

Launch the application.


Swipe the smartphone screen to the left and tap "Experience Now"



Step 3

① Tap the "Register"


② Select FREE MEMBER and tap "Next"

※FREE MEMBER registration can use translation function.

 Can not be used with USER registration.


③ Enter the introducer ID and your information and tap "Confirm".

※We recommend Gmail or iCloud mail for the registered e-mail address


【Introducer ID】A3230320


④ The authentication code will be sent to your e-mail address. Enter the verification code and tap "Confirm"


Here is the point!

USER can also be used for free, but I can not get Chat Point. Please use it with FREE MEMBER which can receive Point.


ROBIN SNS App-FREE MEMBER registration

Step 4

① Enter the mobile phone number and tap "Confirm"


② The verify code will be sent to SMS.

  Enter the verify code and tap "Confirm"


③ The phone number has been approved and completed (successful).


Tap "to login screen"


You will receive a Green Box ID and password in your email address.


Enter ID and password and login.


ROBIN Chat App - FREE MEMBER registration

FREE MEMBER Registration