ROBIN chat - Translation function

You can translate sent and received messages.

※Note: You can't use it with USER account. Please register at FREE MEMBER.


You can set the language for each friend.


It is a very convenient function both private and business.


Languages supported are 55 languages.

How to Translation

Long tap a message.

ROBIN Chat-How to translation



So it will pop up, tap the translation.

ROBIN chat - How to Message translation



It will be translated.

ROBIN Chat-How to translation

Language selection method

Set in the chat room with friends.


Open the chat room, tap the upper-right icon.

Tap a translation.

ROBIN Chat-How to select a translation language



Select the language you want to translate.


ROBIN app-How to select a translation language



The selected language is displayed in the upper right of the screen.

ROBIN Chat-How to select a translation language


The translation function of ROBIN is popular among foreigners. If you have a friend or business partner in a foreign country, please use it by all means.


Translation function