Secret chat

Automatic message deletion

ROBIN Chat - Secret chat / Automatic message deletion

If you set the message and image display time and send it, it will be deleted automatically.


Convenient functions that can also be used for information leakage prevention.

Setting time

5 seconds / 10 seconds / 30 seconds

1 minute / 5 minutes / 10 minutes

30 minutes / 1 hour / 6 hours

12 hours / 24 hours

※ Note: Secret chat messages can not be translated.

How to send

In a chat room.


Tap the top right icon on the screen

Tap a Secret Chat

ROBIN Chat App-How to Secret chat



You enter a message

ROBIN SNS - How to Secret chat



Tap a clock icon

Select display time

Tap a send icon


Message and image is sent.

ROBIN-How to Secret chat



The display time is counted down. Messages and images are deleted when the countdown is over. Your friend will start counting down by reading it.


※Note: Messages sent and received in secret chat can't be translated

Secret chat-ROBIN App



The secret chat is displayed with a key icon.

ROBIN SNS-How to Secret chat


Secret chat