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ROBIN Chat SNS - Free call messaging app

ROBIN is a free call messaging application with AI. As a feature, if you delete a sent message, it will be permanently deleted from the sender's history at the same time (Don't save chat data).

SNS information leakage is regarded as a problem, but there is no such worry as SNS · ROBIN.

It is also possible to set the display time and delete it automatically (secret chat).


Also, if you send and receive messages more than once a day you will earn a chat point (CP). The CP that FREE MEMBER acquires on the day is 0.01 CP.

(※Note: It will not be granted in USER account)


The CP can be exchanged for GBT (Green Box Token · crypto currency) and can be used with the content provided by Green Box World. It can also be exchanged for other crypto currencies.

To exchange CP for GBT, upload your identity card. This is to comply with the laws of the world.

You will exchange with the Green Box Wallet.



Below, in order to use all functions please register with FREE MEMBER. When registering with USER, you can not use everything.



·Free call

·Free video call

·Translation (55 languages)

·Secret chat

Free Member Registration

Step 1


Install ROBIN app.


Tap the QR code to link.


ROBIN Chat SNS - App install
Api.Robin QR code - ROBIN app install

Step 2

Launch the application.


Swipe the smartphone screen to the left and tap "Experience Now"

ROBIN app - How to FREE MEMBER Register

Step 3

Tap a "Register"

ROBIN Chat - How to FREE MEMBER register




Select FREE MEMBER and "Next"

※FREE MEMBER can use translation function.

Not available in USER.


Here is the point!

FREE MEMBER gets a chat point.





Enter the Introducer ID and your information and "Confirm".


※We recommend Gmail or iCloud mail for the registered email address.


【Introducer ID】A3230320


ROBIN SNS-FREE MEMBER registration guide



An verification code will be sent to the registered email address.

ROBIN chat-How to FREE MEMBER register



Enter the verification code received via email.


Enter verification code and "Confirm"

ROBIN App-FREE MEMBER registration guide

Step 4

Enter the mobile number and "Confirm"

ROBIN - How to FREE MEMBER register



An verify code will be sent by SMS.

ROBIN Chat - FREE MEMBER register guide


Enter and confirm the verify code received via SMS.

ROBIN Chat App - How to FREE MEMBER register



Mobile number has been approved and completed (successful).


Tap "to login screen"

ROBIN Chat - FREE MEMBER register guide



Your ID and Password will be sent to your email.

ROBIN SNS - How to FREE MEMBER register



Enter ID and Password and login.

ROBIN sns - FREE MEMBER register guide


Chat points (CP) acquired by chat can be exchanged for GBT (Green Box Token / encryption currency) and used with Green Box World contents. It can also be exchanged for other encryption currencies.


To exchange chat points, you need to upload your identity card (compliance with law). Once approved, you can exchange CP with GBT with GREENBOX WALLET.


How to ROBIN FREE MEMBER Registration