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By having a Green Box Wallet, CP (Chat Point) acquired with the ROBIN chat application can be exchanged for a token (crypto-currency) called GBT (Green Box Token). GBT is a token used for content distributed by Green Box World.


Register your account on the Green Box Wallet website.

Please install the Google Authenticator application beforehand. It is used for security enhancement.

Grren Box Wallet - Google Authenticator
GreenBox Wallet - Google Authenticator app-Google Play
GreenBox Wallet - Google Authenticator app - App Store

Tap the image to enlarge.


Access to the Green Box Wallet web site, tap the Register.

Enter the ROBIN chat ID and registered email address and tap Create.

When your account is registered, My Wallet will be displayed.


In addition, registration email will be sent to registered email address, so please check.

Set up two-factor authentication. Tap a Go To Settings.


A user name and password are stated in the registration notification mail.


You can login to the Green Box Wallet with this username (email address) and password from next time.


※ Please note that it is different from the password of ROBIN chat.

Tap a Setup.

Enter the password described in the registration notification email and tap Setup.

Please be sure to keep the GA Secret (Backup code) offline.

GA Secret (Backup code) is necessary for reconfiguration.

Launch the Google authentication application and tap "+".  Tap "Scan a  barcode" to scan the QR code.


Enter the authentication code (6 digits) generated by the application and tap Verify.

Two-step authentication has been activated.


To enhance security, please check TFA required when login


Create a wallet.

Select "My wallets" in the menu and tap Create wallet

Please be sure to read notes.


!!! --- ATTENTION --- !!!

Your wallet secret key is IMPORTANT and will be needed for recovery in some situation, such as CHANGING PASSWORD or ACCOUNT LOST. Please write down or save it in a safe place. Exposing of secret key results in LOSING WALLET.


Save the Wallet secret key, enter the wallet name (optional), tap Save.

(Wallet name can be changed)


A wallet was created.

As a feature of the Green Box Wallet, Wallet is not active at this stage. To activate, 20RIA coin is required. You need to have RIA coins remitted from an already active wallet. Such a mechanism is also adopted for XRP (ripple) wallet and others.


20RIA is required, but because it is necessary to pay fees such as remittance and token trust, we recommend that you hold 21RIA or more in Wallet.


Green Box Wallet fees, 1 remittance, is 0.001RIA per Trust. 

Since it is a platform (TRIAM Network) that mainly deals with inter-individual remittance, the fee is low price.


When 21RIA is sent from the active wallet it will be as shown below and your wallet will be active.

Trust coin

In order to exchange the chat point with the GBT (Green Box Token), trust the GBT.

Trust is to keep coins and tokens in storage and remittance.


Tap the Trust coin.

Select GBT and tap OK.


※ Note: For now, please be aware that coins and tokens issued outside of TRIAM Network can not be kept even if you trust it.

Since two factor authentication is required, enter the authentication code (6 digits) generated in the Google authenticator application and tap Confirm.


GBT was trusted. You can now exchange your chat points for GBT.


The fee per trust is 0.001RIA.


If you created a new wallet, please change the wallet with the selection icon.